What is RAM Hacks?

Ram Hacks is URI's official computer interest group. We are senate-recognized and funded.

What does RAM Hacks do?

A little of everything! RAM Hacks welcomes people of all majors and practices to join together and discuss their interest in computers and electronics. We allow students to showcase personal projects, discuss homework questions, and organize movie and game nights.

When does RAM Hacks meet?

We meet Tuesdays at 5:00PM in the Tyler Hall graduate lounge (room 126). Just follow the smell of pizza!

Who runs RAM Hacks?

Our current president is Antoinette Bongiorno. She is supported by Vice President Christopher Glasz, Treasurer Daniel Dides, and Secretary James Clinton. We also have the backing and continued support of many professors and graduate students in the department. Input from the members is always welcome, though! Feel free to contact the administration at admin@ram-hacks.org.

What will RAM Hacks achieve this semester?

Our current goals for the semester are to bring the webforums back online, deploy a chat service for students to communicate through, showcase more student projects, continue to assist new members with homework, watch more movies together, and more importantly, continue to grow as a community around a common interest.

Awesome! Can I join?

Absolutely! No official invitation is needed. Simply show up to the meetings and start taking part! If you can't make the meetings, consider emailing the administration. Our times are flexible and can be adjusted if an overwhelming majority is not able to meet on the set days.